don’t!!! injure!!! children!!!!!! for VINES!!!!! PLEASE

i can’t believe that’s not obvious?????????????? omg


how can someone be found “not guilty” of killing someone when they.  killed someone

even if it had been a fight that had escalated, that is at least a manslaughter charge, no?  i’m so confused.  the amount of logic acrobatics and contortion that must have occurred in that courtroom to lead to this verdict, it’s overwhelming

so freshmen year i had this teacher named mrs.white and one day she’s like “you know how jay leno has jay walking well today you’ll be white walking” and i laughed so hard i couldn’t breathe but everyone else just started at me









Thought you couldn’t hate Obama any more than you already do?  This is absolutely absurd.  Just the mere fact that he would ask (order) a Marine to do this shows he has no concept of respect.  Think this is photoshopped?  I got it from the CNN website.  It’s completely true.  Do a web search and you’ll see multiple sources.  This President is absolutely worthless.

Title ten of the Armed Forces US Code says that members of the military do what is asked of them by their  Commander in Chief.  The man next to them is the Prime Minister of  Hungary.  It would be bad show to let the rain fall on the head of a visiting diplomat, and any Marine on Presidential duty is honored to be there.  This is not about the umbrellas, it is about treating visiting dignitaries with honor and respect.  To only have an umbrella over the head of Prime Minister Orban would be a sign of superiority or strength over the visiting PM.  The president did the correct thing in the situation by showing enough respect for his fellow leader and giving them both an equal platform.

Y’all need to stop freaking the fuck out over stupid shit like umbrellas.



also he didn’t think he even needed the umbrella, thus resulting in this picture of him checking if it was even raining even more aka my favorite picture of him ever:

Speaking as the son of a former Army officer, OP’s post is even more disrespectful towards the Marine in the photo - and the US military in general - than it is towards the President. It shows that literally the only part of being in the military OP has respect for is the part that involves killing others and that is not the biggest part of the military by a long shot and is not the part of military service most members joined for. People join the military to serve the nation, and part of that is stuff like this. There is a reason active duty military do not and are not supposed to discuss their opinions of a President during that President’s term. The President is the Commander in Chief regardless of who they actually are. Republican, Democrat, third party, no longer existent party: it does not matter. Being art of the White House guard and the Presidential detail, especially when a foreign dignitary or leader is present, is one of the biggest honors in the military.

But it’s a fucking umbrella, so complaining about it in the first place is massively moronic.

OP postin’ some Fox news Facebook level shit.

Umbrellas are serious business

my mom just told me to take my baseball cap off because I’m a girl

i just read the upd8 and the only ok thing about it is jake looking like a complete stripper